What home buyers are looking for in a new home is reflective of the current real estate market and the overall state of the economy. Home sellers should be aware of these current market trends so that they can highlight those features already existing in their home or, when possible and cost-effective, to do some updating that will include some of those sought after wish list items. So what are today’s home buyers looking for in a new home? According to a recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders, these are what home buyers seem to want most:

1. Energy Efficiency. Energy-star rated appliances, energy-star rated windows, and ceiling fans topped their list. Seeking to lower their overall energy costs, today’s cost-conscious buyers are no longer attracted to the two-story foyer and living spaces that were once so popular.

2. Organization. Areas such as laundry rooms, linen closets in the bathroom, garage space with storage systems, and walk-in pantries in the kitchen provide accessible storage and easy organization for today’s home buyers.

3. Resale Value. Today’s home buyers are looking for high end amenities and are willing to have a smaller space to get them. Double sinks in the kitchen, both a tub and stall shower in the bath, french doors rather than standard doors, and home technology features including home security systems and central controls for entertainment and utilities. Read: Home Buyers Ready to Grab Bargains This Spring. Is Your Home Ready?

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