Transylvania County and Brevard School System Once Again is Top Performing In The State Of North Carolina And Higher Education!

Transylvania County and Brevard School System Once Again is Top Performing In The State Of North Carolina

Another proud attribute of Brevard is it’s outstanding performance amongst it’s students and my hats off to all of our educators! Have children? Look no further than Brevard NC for a top quality education from pre school all the way through a 4 year college.  75% of our graduating class goes on to college and our county serves approximately 3800 total students from it’s four elementary schools to its two middle and two high schools, as well as an alternative school and lastly four after school locations.

Our schools and students have consistently outperformed per pupil across the State of North Carolina year after year. From presidential awards to the awards for schools of excellence.  Both my kids went through the school system, and thankfully  both with honors. Both went on to recieve batchelors and masters degrees once  again with honors. This is not bragging but my hats off to the school board and their hiring of the finest teachers available that care for each and every student. Being a county with a population of just over 31,000 our kids are not crammed into overcrowded classrooms, thus the individual help as needed is given to each student. I attribute a great deal to their success with the quality education they received, to not only the courses offered, extra-curricular activities, as well as the opportunity to attend our local college level classes for credit in their high school.

Brevard NC is blessed to have not only Blue ridge Community College where students can graduate from general studies in preperation for a 4 year university,  buisness as well as the recently built 2.7 million Allied Technology Building offeringrecently added nursing and automotivesystem technology.  Blue Ridge Community College  is among the most affordable in the state as well as an excellent opportunity offered as a  satellite campus. Interested in medical and health care profession as an emergency medical person, how about your GED, buisness administration all the way to free courses offered to the senior population.  What more could one ask for than free except for small fees for books that may be required.

Interested in a 4 year institute then look no further than the famous Brevard College. Since 1934, Breavrd college has been graduating students from this private college in liberal arts. As mentioned about our student to teacher ratio in our public school system, Brevard College offers an 11 to 1 ratio student to faculty ratio. Sports, music, arts and 40 major and minors to choose from. Not a day goes by that sports plays an imprtant role in building character, not to mention this is a Methodist based college. Football, baseball, tennis, golf, basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball are just a few of the sports offered. Interested in the wilderness experience then the Leadership and Experimental Education Programs, along with the Creek side Continuing Education leaves lifelong opportunities and learning experiences. This is just a few of the reasons why the college has been ranked among the top 40 by outside magazine as the college to work, play, study, party and live. Southern living ranks us at 250 favorite spots in the south for education and lifestyle.

Brevard North Carolina, withs its extremely well priced real estate that offers views that seem to go on forever, as well as over 250 of some of the most spectacular waterfalls, is the playground for the students as well as the second home and retiree. Make your plans today to visit Brevard and you too will see why we love, live and work in what I believe is the finest around. Where else can you live and play and have almost 50% of your county in protected lands. Visit my web site at the tabs provided above or at www.HomeINBrevard.Com and experience just a taste of our residential and lands offered.