Top 5 Essential Repairs Before Selling Your Home

Selling your home in the midst of a depressed market can be difficult and there can be a lot of stiff competition.  One of the first things any Western North Carolina home sellers should consider before placing their home on the market is to repair the essentials.  Take some time to consider these top 5 quick repairs essential to putting your home in the best light for selling.

1. Entryway. You are trying to sell the experience of living in your home. Walk around with a critical eye, make sure the doors are freshly painted, screens are fresh, flowers are clipped, and the lawn is mowed. Be sure that the first overall impression of where the buyer will enter looks warm and welcoming.

2. Look up. Your roof and gutters should be in pristine condition. Make sure you are not missing shingles, and that there is no moss growing on your roof. Hire a professional roofer to help tidy up that end. The gutters should be unclogged and the seals should be caulked properly.

3. Patch ups. Make sure all nail holes inside of the home have been patched up and the main rooms painted with a fresh coat. This will help the home look fresh and inviting.

4. Running Water. Be sure your toilet is properly sealed. If there is discoloration around the base of the toilet, replace the seal and the flooring. The faucet is another problem area, a drippy faucet can be a major turn off for potential buyers. Most of these fixes can be done by the seller themselves if they’re willing to invest the time.  If it seems like more than you’re willing to do,  call a plumber to do the handy work.

5. The baseline. Take a look around your house, down low – the baseboards can take a beating.  Make sure to wash them down, putty any dings or markings, and repaint them. This small step can make a huge difference in how a buyer will perceive the room as a whole.


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