No home seller wants their home to linger on the market but there can be a number of reasons that someone may have to sell their Western North Carolina house as quickly as possible. Selling your home quickly doesn’t have to be an impossible endeavor.

Here are a few tips to consider to have your home ready for a fast sale:

Stage Your Home Properly

•Pack up all of your personal memorabilia. The potential buyers don’t need to see your life in the house, they need to be able to visualize their life in the house. Put away any objects you do not need on a daily basis. Books, pictures, personal décor, and other knick knacks that once added familiarity to your home may now appear as clutter to potential buyers. Arrange closets and cabinets to portray a spacious, neat, and orderly appearance.

•As the seller you need to sell the idea that your house is well maintained. Clean every square inch of the house until it shines. Make small repairs as you go along, patch the nail holes, put up fresh paint, fix the squeaky door. Again it’s in the attention to detail! Cut That Price

•For a quick sale of your home, consider starting your listing price at about 10% below its estimated value. This will make your home competitive and grab the attention of buyers. Starting with a lower price is more effective than continually reducing the price, which can create a perception in the market that nobody wants your property. Do Your Research

•Get an appraisal and inspection ahead of time, which you can offer at each showing. This will build confidence with your buyers, since you will be providing the hard facts up front and you will show there is nothing to hide.

•Include receipts and/or documentation of repairs done on the home, as well as any new appliances that may have been purchased.

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