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By now, you have heard the buzz. At the yearly block party, a neighbor, or a friend of a friend, mentioned the great little mountain town of Asheville, North Carolina, population 70,000. Perhaps you have heard about the hippies, artists, musicians, writers and other “cool people” who changed the city, and brought a new vibe to west Asheville, the River Arts District, and downtown. Certainly, you have read of the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Grove Park Inn and the Biltmore Estate. All great attractions, all worth the time and money spent enjoying their charms, learning their secrets, and discovering their histories. You have planned all the touristy stuff, but you also want something more. You want to know what the locals like about Asheville. What is the inside scoop? The answer is “plenty,” and more than could be covered in one blog post. For now, we will explore the top 10 things to do in Asheville, located in Western North Carolina, beyond the main attractions. 

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a marvel, and one of the most scenic drives in America. A few years back, my wife and I spent a week driving the parkway, and camping at the many campgrounds along the way. We soon discovered that most people never step foot outside their automobile. There is so much more to it than sitting behind a wheel.  Which brings us to … 

Number 10 on my list of great things to do while in the Asheville, North Carolina, area is go for a hike on one of the side trails off the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the best place to do that is Craggy Gardens. Only 24 miles from downtown, the area is well marked, and has easy access from the Parkway. Craggy Gardens acquired its name because of the rock outcroppings and, in mid-June, pink and purple blooms of Catawba rhododendron cover the crags. The Craggy Gardens Picnic Area has plenty of picnic tables, and where great hiking trails start. Plan ahead and be prepared — the elevation is 3,500 feet higher than Asheville, so temperatures can be 1020 degrees cooler. And weather conditions can change rapidly, so having a rain suit and an extra jacket will come in handy. If you continue on the parkway past the picnic area for a few miles, you will reach the Craggy Gardens Visitor Center. Stop and check it out. You’ll find information on trails, wildlife or foliage. If you are lucky, a ranger might be around to answer your questions. From the visitor center, continue on the parkway for a short distance through a tunnel, then pull into the parking lot area on the left, where you will find the start of the Craggy Pinnacle Trail, another of my favorites. The trail is a 1.5-mile loop that goes to the top of the mountain. The views are some of the best in Western North Carolina, and you will feel so much better for having done the hike. Then go back to your car and enjoy the drive.

The following is one of ten articles that I am privileged to repost from the Southern Way of Living Blog on Asheville NC, retirement and second home. I felt they represented our area so well that sharing this information with you will assist you in your decisions for that primary residence, second home, as well as helping choose the area of Western North Carolina.

Living in Brevard NC just minutes from Asheville makes me a neighbor to Asheville thus offering much of the same qualities of life one desires in looking for that perfect move.

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