The Insider’s Guide To Asheville North Carolina By Southern Way of Life. This is Blog Nine of Ten From Their Article.

The Insider’s Guide To Asheville North Carolina By Southern Way of Life. This is Blog Nine of Ten From Their Article, Their Number 2
Number 2: keeps us in downtown Asheville and very close to all of the new condominium and residential projects. In a city of great buildings – including one of the largest collections of art deco designs (City Hall, for example) for a city its size in the nation – my favorite is the Jackson Building, at 22 S. Pack Square. Once again, this is an insider tip. The building is not advertised as a must-see when coming to Asheville, yet with its Neo-Gothic design, it is the most recognizable building in the downtown area. The sleek, slender design and multitude windows give it a delicate, almost fragile look. The building is the city’s first skyscraper, and stands 140 feet, or 15 stories high. An interesting anecdote about the building is that it stands on the site of the tombstone business run by author Thomas Wolfe’s father. I promise you will love this building.

Probably the most famous of Merchant’s contruction projects is the Jackson Building (1923-1924), designed by Ronald Greene as a slender tower in Gothic Revival style; at thirteen stories it was the tallest building in western North Carolina and the region’s first skyscraper. The local newspaper celebrated its construction: “New Skyscraper is Totally Fireproof Declares Merchant” ran the headline in the Asheville Time on Sunday July 6, 1924

The following is one of ten articles that I am privileged to repost from the Southern Way of Living Blog on Asheville NC, retirement and second home. I felt they represented our area so well that sharing this information with you will assist you in your decisions for that primary residence, second home, as well as helping choose the area of Western North Carolina.

Living in Brevard NC just minutes from Asheville make as neighbors offering much of the same qualities of life one desires in looking for that perfect move.

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