Ok, so we all catch the flu and the cold germs and was I surprised, where they hang out the most. If you’re like me I always seem to get the summer cold, winter cold and one more thrown in for the pharmacy isles profits. I do take the flu shot and have been fortunate for a really long time to have never suffered the flu. Type A, even though it was included in this year’s combo shot is running ramped in our area so much for my feel good protected feeling.

Not that I am a germ-a-phobic but I do carry hand sanitizer all the time, refill it from those handy quart size pumps you buy at Costco or Sams. I picked up a great idea, want to increase the alcohol content that is the germ killer and at the same time make it smell better, then buy green alcohol and add a half a bottle. The additional alcohol content helps kill more germs.
OK, it is starting to sound like I have phobia about germs but I really don’t. Do I feel clean after opening doors after watching the one in front of me sneeze in their hand , then open the door or put their hand out to shake mine, or shake hands with people especially in high concentrations of crowds and movie theaters, church etc? Out comes the hand cleaner or a good excuse for a bathroom break and a good hand washing.
Now to my surprise as to where the cold and flu germs like to hang out. I’ve kind of hinted where I thought but wrong again!  My kitchen, you’re kidding right, surely not mine?  Statistics tell us 65% of all colds are caught at home and the kitchen is the perfect breeding ground for germs. Ok so now round two of the fight begins, out comes the disposable anti bacterial wipes you can wash the surfaces you touch the most.    
Make sure to get all the areas you can like the faucets, cabinets, the microwave, the refrigerator, stove handle and let’s not forget the light switches, the telephone and its keyboard and for those with a TV let’s not forget the remote. So I wondered why the kitchen and found out that germs love moisture and the highest count of bacteria was found in the sinks, mops and sponges. Sponges have always been nasty to me so not in my kitchen, but for those that do just pop them in the microwave on high for a minute daily.

Another tip is if you run out of disinfectant wipes just mix 1 part bleach to three parts water and were good to go. Ok, I know this may be an unusual post but if your one cold or flu less a year from these tips then probably so is the rest of your family and those your around. May your ear be blessed with just one less cold or the dreaded flu!

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