Repotting a Plant With A Video By DYI and Ehow- Spring Is Here & Let’s Have Fun

Repotting a Plant With A Video By DYI- Spring Is Here & Let’s Have Fun

The sounds of Spring is in the air with birds chirping, their busy building their nests, mowers starting to mow again, leaf blowers removing the last of winters leaf fall, and now is the time to Repot those plants that we have had inside all winter. Repotting isn’t rocket science and a tip to watch is if the plant height is 3 times as high as the diameter of the pot then it’s time to re-pot. Root Bound plants will grow but only with frequent feeding and tend to always look very straggly.

The web is a wonderful tool and there are many very good sites to visit and here are a couple of my favorites and on repotting. Do it right the firest time and you will get years of a healthy, beautiful and if flowering an abundance of blooms. Here is the web site DYI with tips from Ahmed Hassan.  



Another one of my favorite web sites for theGardener is and this link contains another video, so with both we now have a fool proof way of making our plant jump back to life. Happy gardening and have a wonderful spring. Take time out of your busy life and smell the roses!