Photo’s by Karl Chiang and a story of the Blue Ridge in photo’s Part 1

Meet Karl Chiang

Our Home in Brevard NC and the Blue Ridge Mountains offering over 250 waterfalls in and around the Brevard NC area, is a place once you visit you will find a peace within yourself, that you will find no where’s else.  The beauty that you will see in these photo’s captured by Karl Chiang speak for themselves. There is no way I could put into words what he has captured this fall of 2010 in and around Brevard, along the byways of Brevard and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

I encourage you to visit his web site and look closely at his work so you can try to capture and feel what he as a photographer was trying to capture. The views in the photos will never return again so savor them and be thankful for not only our nation but the Creator that gave us this beauty and Karl’s talent! Visit Karl’s Chiangs web site at and leave him an encouraging word.

Fall Colors on the Blue Ridge Parkway

You will recognize some of his photo spots along the Blue Ridge Parkway like the overlook with the view of  Looking Glass Rock , the fabulous views of Little Switzerland, and in Sylvan Heights a community I have lots for sale in, and where Karl’s friend Ton & Diane have a vacation home.

Below are some of the writing of Tom and Karl and I hope you too will enjoy the photography that not only our area offers, but you have the opportunity to look for Brevard NC Real Estate that’s for sale in lots or in houses, and enjoy these views on a daily basis. Visit and drop me a note as I love to hear the bear stories, and I will share one Tom shared with me at another time.

Thank you Tom & Karl!

Several years ago, Diane and I met a talented photographer named Karl Chiang at his homesite near Black Mountain NC. Karl is also a Radiologist practicing in Greenville NC. This weekend Karl visited us at our cottage in Brevard NC and shared much of his fabulous photographic talent with us. We enjoyed his quick wit, humor and zest for life. After he took many shots around the cottage, we traveled into the Pisgah Forest where he caught the 5PM sunlight on Looking Glass Falls before departing for his 7 hour drive back home. The last shot is one he made at the falls that afternoon. He sent me this email this morning with a sampling of his shots he captured this fall in the mountains. I thought you might enjoy seeing them also.  He has a web site that depicts more and he is working on the shots he took during his visit that you can visit at Karl Chiangs Web Site

A View From Tom's House in Sylvan Heights

Karl Wrote: I had the good fortune to be able to see and photograph the fall colors over 3 weekends this October and these are just a couple of the thousands of pictures I took.  Some were new places I stumbled across and off course I missed some shots while driving.  But I had a great time and want to do again every year if possible.

Davidson River with fall around!