New Waterfall Videos in Rosman NC: Eastatoe Falls & Falls On a New Property Listing

In Passing the Eastoatoe Waterfall last week on a property listing, link to one of his many falls, I remembered one of my dear Gideon Brothers that has asked me give him a price of his property. He had always mentioned he had about 40 acres of land a big waterfall and lakes, a home, guest cabin, huge outbuilding and pastures, and wanted to sell someday. So this week I stopped in only to find out to my surprise he owns the Eastatoe Waterfall. While there I decided to take some videos of it to share with you. I hope you enjoy the videos! These first 2 are of Eastatoe Falls and here is the second video of the same falls.

Will’s property the owner of the Eastatoe waterfall in Rosman NC which is just a 14 minute drive from Downtown Historic Brevard’s Main Street. 

Will said one day he will let me sell this one of the 250 majestic waterfalls in all of Transylvania count, home of Brevard NC and Rosman where the fall is located. This is one of the prettiest properties and waterfalls I have seen in a long time. So if your interested in a large track of land with the falls, large ponds almost lake size, beautiful grassy acreage just right for pastures for horses as well as a primary residence and an old quest home as well as a huge outbuilding.

Here is information from Wikipedia of the Eastatoe Falls. Natural history:

“Eastatoe” was the local Cherokee word for the Carolina Parakeet, and was the name of a local tribe of Cherokee. Ownership of the falls has changed throughout the years, as has the name. The falls has been called Will Hines Falls, Shoal Creek Falls, and Rosman Falls.

Visiting the Falls: The falls is located on private property whose owners allow access. From the junction of US Highway 64 and US Highway 178 in Rosman, follow US 178 south for 3.4 miles and turn right into the private driveway. Park at the parking area between the house and the now-closed Mountain Meadow Craft Shop. Follow the short, easy trail for about 200 yards to a viewing area of the falls. Visitors to the falls should respect the owner’s private property and privacy by not visiting early in the morning or late in the day, letting pets run off-leash, blocking their driveway, or littering.

This beautiful 60-70 falls is on private property, but I had info from several reliable sources that the landowners don’t mind if people visit. I had been reluctant to stop in since you have to park at the folks house, but I recently got the courage up and decided to stop in. No one was home except a barking dog, so I parked and followed the easy trail back to the falls. I’ve decided not to post directions without these folks permission – sorry. I don’t want hordes of people stopping in and risk having these nice people cutting off access. If you’re really intent on seeing it, I will tell you it’s in Rosman. Stop in to a store or some place in town and ask. You might find someone who will give you more info. This information is from an unknown source.

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