New Caregiver Facility for Brevard, Asheville & Hendersonville Areas – ElderWise Care

New Caregiver Facility for Brevard, Asheville & Hendersonville Areas – ElderWise Care

Mission Statement:

We were inspired to create a home health care agency specializing in senior care to meet the needs we saw as we watched as our own grandparents, parents, aunts, and uncles progress to the next season of their lives before us.  We purposed in our hearts to provide the affordable care that we ourselves would want for our family members.

We chose to become an independent agency, rather than a franchise, so we could redirect the money we would otherwise have to pay in franchise fees toward offering a higher quality of care and attracting a higher quality caregiver.

Our agency was founded by a psychologist.  We try to be sensitive to the large psychological changes and challenges that can be associated with the aging process.  We subscribe to the theory of “Positive Aging”.
This means we focus on preserving the positive aspects of each person’s aging process. 

We assist our clients in the comfort of their familiar surroundings with the tasks of life that have grown more challenging for them.  We hope our contribution to their lives will fill them with more joy and ultimately help them have more time, energy, and possibility to pursue and participate in the aspects of their lives that they have grown to love.

Dr. Rebecca Norton is the Agency Director and Owner assisting in Asheville, Hendersonville and Brevard North Carolina. Phone number 828-687-3533 and for the web site click here: ElderWiseCare

We strive to help your loved ones make the most of the life they are living.  We cherish their wisdom and value the experiences and memories that have allowed them to have great contribution to your life.  We are thankful you would consider inviting us into your home to be a part of your loved ones life.  We desire to incorporate the wisdom of this experience into ours.   We are grateful.  We are ElderWise.  

We are giving families peace of mind.  At ElderWise Care we make sure your caregiver is well trained.          �
We hire Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs) for all your care needs from housekeeping and meal preparation to higher levels of care. This means your caregiver has completed the required coursework and clinical rotations and is certified by the State of North Carolina as a Nurse Aide 1 or a Nurse Aide 2. This training is extensive, a minimum of 75 hours of classroom training and over 100 hours of clinical “hands-on” training for a CNA 1 and additional training for the more advanced CNA 2 certification. While some agencies employ non-CNA caregivers who they train in a “short course”, at ElderWise Care we believe thorough training is important.  This is what we would want for our loved ones, so this is what we provide for you.

We prescreen for you
We understand the importance of prescreening your caregiver to make you feel more comfortable.   That’s why at ElderWise Care we go to great lengths to thoroughly screen the caregivers we ask to join our team. We appreciate your trust in us, and our prescreening process is designed to honor that trust.
● Verification of state certification
● Additional testing for nurse aide competency
● Personal interviews
● Verification of good standing with the Health Care Personnel Registry
● Criminal background check
● Sexual Offender Registry check
● DMV driving record report
● Past employment
● References
● Drug testing 

We provide ongoing training
Our caregivers are given additional training on topics such as infection control and your medical privacy to ensure the highest level of care. They are also offered additional seminars throughout the year for more advanced training. 

We supervise for you
Our CNA caregivers are supervised by a Registered Nurse (R.N.).  We meet with you to determine your needs and customize a “Care Plan” for you. Your CNA will follow your “Care Plan” with the support and supervision of our Registered Nurse.  Additionally, the nurse will evaluate your care plan as needed or a minimum of every 90 days. 

Homemaker caregivers are supervised by our Agency Director.  Dr. Norton or another supervisor will create your Care Plan and monitor your care.

We handle problems for you
If your caregiver had a personal emergency, we would arrange for a backup caregiver for you.  If for any reason you are unhappy with your caregiver, we will find another caregiver for you and arrange for a smooth transition.

We provide insurance
Elderwise Care provides general liability insurance, worker’s compensation, and bonded caregivers.  This gives you and the caregivers peace of mind. 

We handle payments and tax withholdings for you
We track caregivers’ work schedules and hours worked with state of the art technology.  Our caregivers are paid as employees and we handle all tax withholdings, worker’s compensation, social security taxes, W-2 forms and other IRS paperwork for you.