Is There a “Better Selling Season” For Your Western North Carolina Real Estate?

As we come into the winter months, many Brevard would-be home sellers will think about holding off on listing their home, waiting for the perceived “selling season” to put their home on the market. But if you’re ready to sell your home now, is waiting until spring and summer a better option? Surprisingly, no… Not according to the data, it isn’t.
Analyzing a year’s worth of data by season on three quarters of a million homes listed across the country found:
  • Homes listed in winter sell faster: 46 days in winter vs. 55 days in summer.
  • Homes listed in winter are more likely to sell: 59.2% sell in winter vs. 53.1% sell in summer.
  • Homes listed in winter sell closest to their original price: a 2.7% drop from the final price in winter vs. a 5.2% drop from the final price in summer, worth more than $7,000 on a $300,000 home.
Although spring-listed homes sell the fastest,  winter comes in second at six percent below the median, while homes listed in summer and fall both sell slower than the median (12% and 16%, respectively).  Overall, winter-listed homes sell best and they sell 1.4 %  closer to their original list price than the median.
If you’ve been thinking of putting your Brevard home on the market, but think you’ll get better results if you wait until spring or summer, winter may actually be a better time!
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Source: redfin blog