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The National Association of Realtors reports that 2012 saw total home sales at their highest level in five years and the lowest housing supply since May of 2005. Signs continue to indicate an improving housing market, spurred by low interest rates, less inventory, and rising demand. Potential buyers who stayed on the sidelines during the recession are getting off the fence and back into the market as their financial ability and confidence grows. If you are thinking that now is the time to prepare your Western North Carolina home for a spring sale, decluttering and organizing your home is an essential step before you put it on the market. Although organizing and decluttering your home may seem like an overwhelming undertaking, it is doable. Use some of these tips to make the task at hand more manageable.

Look at individual rooms with a critical eye. What types of activities take place in this room? Is the function of each area of the room clearly defined?

In keeping with the function you’ve identified for the room, decide which items need to stay, what needs to be moved to a more appropriate area, and what things just simply need to go, so that potential buyers can easily see how this space is used.

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How is storage currently used to maximize the function of your space? It is often necessary to get creative with how to arrange and organize things, however, every storage space needs a designated purpose. There are a lot of choices available for furniture that can double as a way to store items and storing things on the wall can save lots of valuable floor space.

Bookshelves that are stacked and overfull; surfaces and counters covered with things; cluttered and busy closets; all give the impression that you don’t have enough space or storage. In this case, less really is more. Keep bookshelves approximately 1/3 full, horizontal surface should have only three to four items on them, and closets should be cleared of unneccesary or unused items.

Determine which are the most essential pieces of furniture in the room. Perhaps some pieces will work better in another area of the house or some may need to be put into storage. Consider rearranging the furniture to open up the space and create an inviting flow in and around the room.

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Be sure that your home makes a great first impression to home buyers by presenting an organized and functional space.

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