First Snowfall of 2010 in Brevard NC and the joy’s of life it brings!



100 year old Church and the new building with the first snowfall of the year

The First Snowfall of the Season in Brevard, North Carolina


As I sit at the breakfast nook table this morning, smelling the fresh baked cookies that naturally I have eaten more than my fill. As the snow falls that changed our Sunday morning plans, with Church cancelations throughout the county, I get to enjoy the silence that fills the air as the flakes make their way to the ground. There is no doubt a special magical feeling that the first snowfall brings along with the peace we of have nowhere to go.

Lone Bird in the Davidson River

There is something about being snowed in that brings out the baker in the family to warm our souls with warm fresh baked cookies, muffins and other sugary fruit filled treats. Even the morning coffee just has a better flavor this morning not to mention the right out of the oven blueberry muffins didn’t hurt either.

This morning was one of those special moments we have in our lives where when you awaken to a fresh first snow of the season. In our area of Western North Carolina and more specifically the Brevard, Pisgah Forest and outlying areas actually had the greatest amount of snowfall in our 60 mile or so radius which is highly unusual. In fact Brevard is located in what we call a thermal belt where the snows reaches most of the time the higher mountain regions to our North towards Asheville, Madison county, Avery and into Boone, and to the West towards , Sapphire, Cashiers and Highlands.  But here in the Brevard we buffered by high ranges of mountains around us and the ones to the west along  the Tennessee line will normally block the snowfall, but this morning we were blessed with about 5 inches. There is just something so magical about a fresh snow and the first one of the year. But this is what makes Real Estate in our area so highly desired when retiring or having that second home to come to, that more often than not soon becomes your primary residence.

As I look out the windows I will try to describe the beauty that I see. The serenity of the snow with a view over a 6 acre snow covered pasture with horses that a neighbor boards here feeds from the hay bales. Beyond the family property are more lily white fields with an occasional darkening of a few cows and more horses. The magic of the snow changes the looks of the barns, as the soon become that  place of refuge, then the old farm houses some at least 100 years old take on a new look with the curling smoke coming from the chimneys, with the in perfections of the land removed by beauty of the snow.

The kids are grown, the sleds are no longer used, but the memories are as vivid as yesterday of sliding down the hillside, the occasional crashes and the laughter following . The first snow of the year just brings out those wonderful memories of Mom in the kitchen and Dad stoking the fire, and now the wife has taken over those new memories with the baking as I sit and write and the crackle of the fire is now replaced with gas logs. 

Do me a favor, for the next few minutes just stop reading, sit back, take a few deep breathes, take time to enjoy the moment, and remember those that have passed, give thanks to the one that created all that we have, and I can assure you a smile will come upon your face. Tell someone you love them, make that call that you have dreaded to make, surrender to an apology that you should have made long ago.  These few minutes of as the expression say’s “smell the roses” will cause this day to be brighter and tomorrows even better.

Davidson River just after it comes out of the Pisgah National Forest

I hope you enjoy the photo’s and naturally if Jewell or I could ever assist you in any way with your dreams of ownership of, land, a home, the cabin in the woods by a bubbling creek, or a mountain or pasture view like I have with the distant mountains in the background, call or email us. We love what we do and our passion for real Estate and to help you will not go unnoticed.

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