Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

The falling leaves and cooler temperatures remind Brevard homeowners that fall is here and winter is fast approaching – by taking a few steps now, you can have your North Carolina home and yard ready. Here are some home maintenance ideas that will get your home in peak condition for the coming winter.

Rake up leaves or finely mulch with a lawnmower: A layer of fallen leaves on your lawn deprives your lawn of critical sunlight and can lead to mold growth.

Clean out gutters: Clean out all debris and flush with water to avoid winter ice dams.

Check and replace air filters: To insure good air quality and air flow, Fall is the perfect time to check and replace HVAC filters.

Check the weather stripping around doors and windows: Be sure you are keeping the warm air in and the cold air out.

Have your heating system checked: Regularly servicing your heating system means better fuel efficiency.

Get your woodstove and fireplace in working order: Make sure the door gasket has a tight seal and chimney has been cleaned.

Store outdoor furniture: To extend the life of your patio furniture and grills, clean and then store these items in a shed or cover them with a waterproof tarp.

Inspect smoke and carbon monoxide alarms: Dust and test them to make sure both of these life savers are working properly and replace batteries in battery operated alarms.

Following a routine maintenance schedule will certainly benefit you in the fall and winter seasons.


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