Extraordinary and Extravagant

These two words are the language of the Christmas story! They are the language of Habitat for Humanity. 

Earlier this year I traveled to Jordan on a Global Village trip with my son, Alexander, and students from his school. One day, the families with whom we were working took us on a picnic to an ancient park that overlooked the Sea of Galilee. Those of us on the team were in awe of the beautiful setting and were struck by the fact that what we were seeing was not that different from the view in biblical times. Despite all the turmoil that is happening in the Middle East, there was something extraordinary, peaceful and familiar about looking out upon the same water that was so central to the ministry of Jesus. 

Then, just a couple of weeks ago in Haiti, I had another amazing experience that connected me with the Jesus who lived and walked among us. Liz Crossman, chair of our board of directors, described the Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project as a case of extremes: "It was the most brutal, hot, humid, spiritual, loving, exciting, incredible week of my life." I couldn't agree more. We saw far too many people still living in desperate housing situations, but we were also privileged to see many families rebuilding their lives after finally having a place to call home. The extravagant outpouring of love and compassion offered to the people of Haiti has been incredible.

Extraordinary and Extravagant Habitat for Humanity - HomeInBrevard

This is baby Sapir at 19 days old. She drew quite a lot of excitement and attention during the Carter Work Project this year. In 2011, I was privileged to work in Haiti alongside her dad to help build her family's house. Imagine how their lives have changed in one year and the relief her parents feel now that they have a home in which to raise their new daughter. 

Seeing this beautiful child, I couldn't help but think of the birth of another baby — the one who changed the world. Two thousand years after Jesus was born, we still marvel that God loved us so much that he gave us his only Son to demonstrate the extravagance of his perfect love. 

When I spend time with Habitat homeowner families, I am inspired in so many ways. Seeing hope come alive makes me determined that we must do more. Looking into the eyes of excited children reminds me how blessed my family is. Marveling at baby Sapir made me shake my head and ask how I could possibly have a son graduating from high school this year and two teenage daughters. And on those days when I fret about budgets and policies and other challenges, I am able to refocus when I consider what an amazing impact Habitat for Humanity is making around the world. I would urge you to take a look at this year-in-review video and celebrate the exciting events of 2012. Your efforts have been extraordinary. 

During the Advent season, we have been examining God's extravagant love in a series of devotions. Click here to read the third meditation about the shepherds. It is entitled "An Event for Everyone." 

Finally, I urge you to enjoy the Christmas break. Take some well-deserved time to rest and relax and treasure time with friends and family. I pray that in the coming year you will experience God's rich blessings and that your response will be an echo of gratitude and service.

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