Easy Ways to Organize your Office Desk and Give it a New Look

While searching for ways to not only add storage to a desk area, but to improve it’s overall look, I came accross a few great ideas!  The first is from Home Made Simple, with 3 Easy Repurposed Desk Organizers.  One of their ways to create an organized space is with the use of clipboards and decorative paper.

Clipboard + Pretty Paper = Mini Bulletin Board
Whether it’s organizing loose papers or displaying artwork that brightens up your space, personalized clipboards are the perfect, fuss-free solution.

1 sheet decorative paper, 8 1/2” x 14” or larger
Craft knife
Decoupage glue

1.Lay your paper, pattern side-down, on a clean work surface, then place your clipboard on top of it and trace its shape with your pencil.

2.Cut along the lines with your craft knife.

3.Use your paintbrush to apply a smooth, even layer of decoupage glue to the front side of your clipboard.

4.Attach the paper to the clipboard, smoothing away wrinkles with clean hands. Cut away excess paper around the metal clip with your craft knife.

5.Apply a second thin coat of glue on the top of the paper to create a seal. Let dry, then hang the clipboards on large nails or hooks.

Tip: Try hanging four or five clipboards in a row over your desk, mixing and matching paper patterns and colors to make a statement.

Keeping your office desk organized will allow you to be more efficient, get your work done quicker, and will keep you at a least a little less stressed!  What ideas do you have for staying organized at your desk?

Article by Lori Thomas