Do you take your drinking water for granted in Tranyslvania County and Brevard NC?

Title:  Ground Water Resources near Brevard, North Carolina

Brevard Waterfall


Life is great living in North Carolina, especially in the Mountains,
where you can enjoy the crisp, morning air and a cup of coffee while
taking in the scenic beauty that surrounds you.  However, this
morning you discover that there’s no water coming from your kitchen
faucet!  You don’t pay a Brevard water bill, so it’s not some
sinister plot.  Your well has never given you problems before, but
maybe you should have been paying attention to the recent newspaper
articles about drought…

What is the source of that water you take for granted?  You thought
that ground water supplies were just a problem in the aquifers of the
coastal plain, doesn’t the ground water system work differently in
the Mountains?  Maybe you know that it’s possible to contaminate a
well, but you also may think that drought is just a surface water
issue.  Where do the nearby towns get their water?  What water
management issues face the individual homeowner, municipality or
county, and the state?  How is the Department of Environment and
Natural Resources and Division of Water Resources involved? 

Resume:  Bill Thomas

B.A. in Geology from Middlebury College, Vermont, 1982
M.S. in Geology from the University of Oregon, Oregon, 1986
North Carolina Licensed Geologist #1048, since 1988

I’ve worked within North Carolina State Government since 1986 and
since 1989, I’ve been with the Division of Water Resources.

Presently, I am in charge of the Ground Water Management Section
which examines ground water resource issues throughout the State.  In
recent years the Section has concentrated on maintaining and
developing the States’ ground water monitoring well network
providing access to ground water information via our web page,
helping to measure and manage drought, and dealing with ground water
quantity problems in the coastal plain, especially in the central
coastal plain where water use regulations are in place to curb
overuse of a valuable resource.
Let’s learn together why this important resource should not be taken for granted at a class offered

by the Sierra Club mtg, Jan. 27, 7pm, UU Church in Brevard NC