Cooking Classes at The Blue Ridge Bakery

When the owners of the Blue Ridge Bakery came to Brevard, North Carolina, they had originally planned to open a new restaurant, having sold their old restaurant in Charlotte.  When they arrived, however, they discovered that there were plenty of excellent restaurants already in Brevard.  They did notice, however, that there wasn’t a good high-quality bakery in town, so they decided to fill the gap.  Not wanting to completely abandon their training in the other culinary arts, however, they decided to offer classes on cooking various types of cuisine, with a heavy emphasis on international foods.  These classes are normally held on Tuesday evenings from 5:30 to 7:30,  and past classes have featured Indian food, Greek Main Dishes, Rustic Italian, and Grandma’s Sunday Dinner!

Upcoming classes for June will include  an Indian food class on the 5th which will feature healthy, vegetarian Middle Eastern foods such as hummus and baba ganoush.  On June 12, Cindy Wilson, chef of the Square Root restaurant in Brevard, will teach attendees some of her infamous Indian appetizers in their Guest Chef Series. Later in the month, you’ll find it’s all about shrimp along with a sampling of local Brevard Brewing Company’s beer on the 19th and the month wraps up on June 26 with a night focused on Jewish Foods such as tzimmes and a perfect beef brisket.

Attending cooking classes at the Blue Ridge Bakery is a perfect way to get out and spend an evening with friends - or make a few new ones while you’re there – and have fun learning to prepare a variety of different cuisines!

If you have questions, you can email or call the bakery at (828)883-8444.

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