College Cycle Team Takes Second National Championship and stories of a rider by Jay Kaiser

Brevard North Carolina and all Transylvania County is a Street and Mountain Bike riders dream come true. The event below as held in Nevada yet Brevard was the training ground for this race for our team. If I had to guess we probably have in Brevard more signs along the road to share with cyclists of any town than many others combined. 

Last week the Brevard College Cycle team took the States Second Consecutive National Championship. Brevard has been famous for not only bringing in the top names in racing, but this year had the largest cash prize for a road racing event. 

Our mountains offer not only some of the most challenging so I’ve heard from the racers, but at the same time the best scenery to race in. Our fall colors and cool mornings and pleasant highs during the day in the 70’s offer the finest for a quality ride. But naturally these men and women are out for the gold so to speak so work extremely hard.

My son has been dating one of the top women riders in the country, Natasha Cowie and as you will see below her brother Tristan Cowie consistently leads the Men’s in on road and off road racing. Having known Natasha for now over 2 years the dedication these true athletes exhibit is amazing to me. Not only does she and surely those men in the picture ride in all types’ weather but have trainers inside and ride for hours and hours on end.

These truly talented folks are dedicated and goal driven like no others I have witnessed. I often would here my son call me and he would be heading out at night as Natasha would ride over the Pisgah National Forest from Brevard all the way into Asheville North Carolina and back, and having never measured it it has to be at least a 50 to 75 mile ride and downhill at speads reaching 70 miles an hour I have heard. Now those of you that have had the privilege of driving these roads know how grueling the grade can get and the struggle the car has in the mountains, so just imagine the energy being expelled by these bicyclists and mental anguish at times. As funny as it may seem Natasha on other rides would head out and many hours later thankful for cell service, call my son Julius Kaiser and tell him how lost she was and could be anywhere within a 50 mile radius. Don’t worry she safely made it home each and every time. Natasha and Chef Julius now reside in Bellingham Washington.

Natasha Cowie picture after a win in Florida

Now to given the honor to where honor is due is the excerpts for the Transylvania Times News. Congratulations and we are proud of out Brevard North Carolina team as well as I am proud of Natasha Cowie as whe too is a leader of the pack and one the other reacers work extreemly hard to beat!

The Brevard College Cycling Team stands on the winner’s podium at the National Cycling Championships in Nevada. (Courtesy photo)

Brevard North Carolina's College Cycle Team

The Brevard College cycling team did it again, capturing their second consecutive team national championship at the Northstar at Tahoe Resort, scoring 630 points as a team throughout the three-day event.

Coach Thad Walker said Monday morning it was a grueling weekend. 

“A lot of athletes are really exhausted,” said Walker, who is proud of the hard work put in by the members of the team.

Led by Tristan Cowie’s Men’s Omnium National Championship, the Tornados held a 20-point lead over Union College from Kentucky going into the final event on Sunday morning. The team was able to hold off both Union and Warren Wilson College in clinching their second team national title in the first five years of the program’s history.

Cowie, who finished on the podium in both the cross country and the short track events, finished 10th overall in the four cross and the downhill races to give the program its first Men’s Omnium National Champion.

This is Cowie’s third national title overall in his mountain bike career, having won the cross country and the short track events back in 2008. Cowie also joins former BC cyclist Jo Tuttle as the program’s second Omnium National Champion.

Tuttle took the women’s crown last year in Truckee, Calif., leading the team to its first team national championship.

On the women’s side, Alexis Decosimo also had a strong showing for Brevard in the omnium, improving on last year’s 10th place finish, to take home the bronze medal.

Decosimo had two podium finishes on the first day, including the individual national championship in short track and finished out the weekend with the four cross and the downhill events, placing 12th and 10th, respectively.

After Saturday morning’s race in the short track, the cyclists moved on to the four cross event in the afternoon, with the women taking the course first. Essence Barton from California Lutheran University took the women’s national title in the event, while Kate Weisenfluh was the top finisher for Brevard, narrowly missing the podium by coming in sixth.

Decosimo finished in 12th overall in the event, while Morgan Sykes rounded out the women’s group with a 14th place result.
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