Brevard Racquet Club & A Story Of A Special Woman & Trainer

Brevard Racquet Club & A Story Of A Special Trainer

Brevard Racquet Club is not only well known for its Tennis, Racquet Ball, State of the Art Fitness Center, two Pools, and trainers that have dedicated their life’s to helping others reach their fitness goals. Gail Climer is just this person that has touched my life as well as countless other Brevard, Hendersonville, and Western North Carolina residents.  

After a recent knee replacement, I joined Gail’s class called H2O Deep, not only as therapy, but to become a fitter person and actually lost 20 pounds. I wanted to share a letter that Gail wrote to her classes, along with her poem. Gail you are a star, not only having touched my life, but a star to our class of 18 members, and a star that makes Brevard such a special place to live.  You and others like you make selling Real Estate in Brevard NC a joy!

Friends, this is what Brevard NC is all about. We are a community that cares like no other I have ever seen, like building a Boy’s & Girl’s Club, all funded by donations, to over 20 Million donated to expand our local Transylvania Community Hospital, and volunteers of countless numbers throughout Transylvania County.  Now to Gail’s Poem and salutation to so many friends and memories she has created. 

Water and Friends-My Lifeline and a poem “what you mean to me”

Water and Friends – My Lifeline  What can I say to a lifeline of over 20+ years? 

The time has come for me to pass the classes on to someone else.  While sad to me, I feel that the timing is right as you have such great instructors.  For many years, I was the only one and felt the responsibility of trying to always be available.  It has been a great blessing to have Chris and Kay to teach new and updated formats and to take the lead in continuing to give you guys the very best of aquatic classes with great variety and functionality.

I wrote a poem for you guys in 2009, not because I can write poems, but because I wanted to let you know what ALL of you mean to me.  Here it is again: 


A clock that ticks steadily, long after its “giver” has gone

A set of encyclopedias, well used by family all, now sits dusty on the shelf

A book of Christmas recipes, compiled by so many water friends

A student who frowns at me with no kind words, only to find that my class is the highlight of her cancer-ridden day

A new friend made and kept these many years

A new friend gone, but lovingly remembered

A new friend greatly valued. 

All these and many others – Gifts given

Gifts to me and my family over many years

Gifts from the heart – kind words of encouragement

Gifts of knowledge – unlimited willingness to share

Gifts of life – and how to live it!

Gifts – each one of you – present and past

Gifts you have given me and What you mean to me!


Gail Climer