Brevard Philharmonic – Brevard North Carolina

How forunate we are to own real estate in Brevard, NC – not only do we experience the scenic mountains of Western North Carolina daily, but Brevard is also teeming with cultural events and opportunities.

The Brevard Philharmonic will begin its 35th season at the Porter Center for Performing Arts at Brevard College in Brevard, NC, with a special “Sesquicentennial Celebration of Transylvania County” concert. The September 25th performance will pay tribute to the people who made Transylvania County their home and played a part in shaping its unique 150 year history.

The first half of the concert will be devoted to highlighting six different time periods of Transylvania County with a brief narration that explains the importance of each period taking place before the orchestra plays Maestro Donald Portnoy’s musical selections. This special event also includes a preconcert event that includes music from the Hogtown Squealers and the “Making Music in Transylvania” historical display in the Francis Pavillion, a variety of living history displays to be visited in the lobby during intermission, and  a performance by the orchestra of the great Saint-Saens Organ Symphony following intermission with Tim Shepard at the mighty Kirkpatrick-Coleman organ.

This concert is the perfect way to welcome the Brevard Philharmonic into its 2011-2012 season and learn about Transylvania County’s 150 year old history!