Braken Mountain Recreation Area – Brevard, NC

The city of Brevard is in the midst of a ground breaking project. Bracken Mountain Recreation Area, 395 acres on the western edge of downtown Brevard, is currently being developed for recreational use as a hiking and mountain biking park.  A trail system will be developed through Bracken Mountain which will connect directly into the existing Pisgah National Forest trails and will include the development of some trails into loop systems.

The mountains of Western North Carolina are already home to some of the best mountain biking trails to be found anywhere and are often used as a  testing area for mountain biking publications. Here in the Brevard area you can experience trails that follow along the streams, climb steeply up the mountain sides, or travel along
the ridgelines.

The development of the new Braken Mountain Recreation Area is another reason why Brevard is on its way to leading the nation in biking!