Bears looking for food in the fall so watch your bird feeders

A Brave bear some distance from the ground

Below is a wonderful story along with the photos that a friend of mine sent me about Black Bears and bird feeders. Tom had been seeing the signs of bears in the area that is very common and his story and pictures tell it all. Black bears are for the most part 100% harmless unless you mess with there cubs and then Mother Nature takes over as any protective mom would do. It’s extremely rare to have issues with black bears as well as the other animals in the Western Carolina Mountains or the Brevard NC area.

Keep in mind we are building in there territory, that they roam for food so we need to keep our humanely habits under control and think about what were doing before we throw scraps out for the raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, opossums and feed the turkeys and deer’s. Yet some to try to feed the bears at there house (Not a great idea) with our desire to befriend nature, bring them closer to our dwellings to naturally enjoy them.
This is why Brevard is so highly desired in the US, not to leave out the white squirrels that were famous for, but the overwhelmingly abundance of nature that surrounds our area. For instance we all love to see black bears, and they are hard to catch a glimpse of or even have the camera ready for a shot, and do keep in mind they are afraid of humans Once again think about who your trying to make neighbors with we see skunks sometimes more often as road kill but if your feeding outside your pets, they to are hungry, and some years back I had a family of skunks that were total of 5 babies and the mother that every night about supper time would show up to eat and we would love to watch them as we ate our dinner. And luckily our dog knew better than defend his off and left them well enough alone. Now back to the black bears sorry as we call it here in the mountains I started chasing rabbits and got off subject.

Almost there

Now to the bird feeders and the message as he emailed me last week with the photo’s. I later learned the photos were not his so I can’t credit who took them but the story is the same that the bears before hibernation are putting on fat and will try to eat all they can. Enjoy Tom’s story and the photo’s and this is just what makes Western North Carolina and Brevard a fantastic place to live and become apart of our surroundings.

Please don’t fear the bears but respect all of nature and enjoy them at a distance as the write up and the photos predict? Tom by the way lives in Sylvan Heights  just 7 miles from downtown Brevard offering the finest in views and building sites and price range in all our area.

Got it made now!

Excerpts from Tom & Dianne’s email: While Diane and I were under construction with our little cottage here in the woods of North Carolina, many folks advised us not to encourage black bears by adding bird feeders to the area around our cottage. One friend in particular, our “future” neighbor here in Brevard, scolded us severely whenever we brought up the subject of planting blackberry bushes, installing bird feeders and the like around the neighborhood. Loving animals and birds, we thought we had licked the problem by installing a squirrel and bear proof bird feeder on a clothesline with a pulley so that we could pull the feeder towards the porch to refill or take down. Since the feeder was about 18′ above the ground and out of the reach of bears, we smugly watched the nuthatches, tufted tit mouse’s, chickadees and other birds gobbling up the seed we placed in the feeder for two months.

Who would ever believe a black bear would be brave/smart enough to breach the system?

On my way back to the tree after a delicious meal

Tom and Diane