Every Brevard NC homeowner wants a beautiful yard,  however many homeowners are under the belief that yard work can be expensive and time consuming. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to pump up your home’s curb appeal in preparation for a sale, or you’re looking to get the most out of your yard for relaxing and entertaining, here are 5 budget friendly projects to bring your yard up to a “10″, and better still, each can be done over a weekend!

1.Lighting- Adding exterior lighting to your outdoor spaces makes it possible to enjoy more time outside and are a perfect way to create mood and ambiance. Consider going green with solar lights, they are affordable, require no wiring, and are eco-friendly.

2.Lawn- By fertilizing and seeding the lawn you can create lush, durable greenery. Eco-grass seed requires less watering and is over all lower maintenance, apply the seed to the areas needing grass then use a spreader to fertilize the whole yard.

3.Patio- Find an area in the yard to create a small area specifically designed for entertaining and relaxing. Brick or flagstone can help define the space and give you an area suitable for a table, chairs, and grill – what a great spot to spend some relaxing time!

4.Garden- A gardener with a black thumb? Worried about the upkeep required for beautiful plantings? No worries, plant a xeriscaped garden. These gardens are full of plants that require little maintenance and are drought resistant! Consider using such colorful plants as lavender, Russian sage, yarrow, sedum and salvia, all of which thrive in dry conditions.

5. Water- Adding a water feature to your yard provides an attractive focal point as well as a pleasurable background sound element to your outdoor space.  The addition of a simple fountain or small pond will also give birds a reason to visit, adding more sounds and beauty to your yard!



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